Suicide is not something to play around with. Ministers, Counselors, and many others would benefit from having a “No Harm” contract that is easily accessable for when an individual is suicidal. Below is a great example of one that I found and use with clients. NO-HARM CONTRACT I,                                                                      , agree to not harm myself […]

Tips For Better Disagreements

Often, couples who find themselves in severe disagreement lack good, healthy skills to hash out the issue. Rather than completely listening to each other, they begin to defend themselves and often spiral into a destructive pattern of communication. Here are five brief tips to help break that pattern. Pay attention to tone and posture. Often, […]

Dealing With Pornography

Pornography is a growing problem for both men and women. I deal with a lot of sexual addiction and have found this resource helpful which was compiled from various resources. It is free for your use. DEALING WITH PORNOGROPHY Bible Verse Helps: 1 Corinthians 6:9-20 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8 James 1:12-15 Matthew 5:27-30 Matthew 5:8 1 […]


I had this cute encounter with my daughter today while watching football. Daughter: Daddy, what is this? Me: Celery Daughter: Can I have it? Me: Absolutely princess [Daughter takes a few bites and begins making a strange face] Daughter: Daddy, [holds up celery stick] this makes me very sad Me: Well you don’t have to […]

Avoiding Immaturity

The book of Galatians is filled with a struggle in the Galatia church to revert back to the legalistic following of the law. The Christians were being tempted to throw away all that Christ had done in order to return to the shackles they had been freed from. They were trading freedom in Christ for […]

Avoiding Pride

There is a story told of two ducks and a frog who played together and were close friends. As the cold of winter drew near, the ducks realized they would soon have to leave. Not wanting to leave their friend behind, the three decided the ducks would put a stick in each of their bills and […]

Steps to Avoiding Anger

Previously we discussed the dangers of sinning in your anger. One of the struggles we have as Christians is keeping our anger in check. Following are a few points I have picked up along the way that can help you avoid the mistake of sinning in anger. 1.     Confess your anger (Matthew 5:23-24) […]

Avoiding Impatience

In James 5:7-11 and 1 Peter 2:19-23 we read of the importance of having patience as a Christian. Each of us have trials requiring patience that can put even the most patient human to the test. The key to avoiding the mistake of impatience, however, is to have a plan to deal with it in […]

Reasons to Avoid Anger

Make no friendship with a man given to anger, nor go with a wrathful man. –Proverbs 22:24, ESV Anger is a growing concern in the United States. I live in the Houston, Texas area and road rage is a daily encounter on our highways. Each day I encounter people with poor judgement on the interstate […]

Avoiding Revenge

Revenge is a popular theme among humanity today. It is sought after, lusted over, and even glamorized by Hollywood television. When discussing revenge, a friend once shared the following illustration with me. There was once a man who was bitten by a dog, which was later discovered to be rabid. The man was rushed to […]