A Kingdom Vision

Like me, many find themselves caught in the world of chaos. We run constantly and can’t remember where we’ve been. Sometimes, we get so caught up in “good things” that we forget what our purpose really is. Our purpose is spelled out for us in the Bible! Don’t believe me? I’ll show you! Ephesians talks about us being the holy ones of God. In order to be holy, one must fulfill their specific task. Our task is outlined in Jesus’ parting words found in Matthew 28: 18-20. We are told to go and make disciples! We must teach them to obey all Jesus has taught us! This is our purpose, as a congregation and as individuals.

I am convinced that Matthew 28:10ff represents God’s vision for His church! Therefore, this must be our vision. As I contemplated this text, I began to think about what our mission is. A vision is what we long to see happen, the mission is how that is to be accomplished. Not only does the passage in Matthew aid us in our mission, but Ezekiel 34:16 sheds some light on how the vision is carried out. This passage in Ezekiel describes the mission of the church as to “search for the lost, bring back the strays, bind up the injured, and strengthen the weak.” What a high calling for Christ’s church!

The Vision and the Mission of Christ-followers must be formed from an understanding of Christ Jesus and God the Father. We must understand that our vision is bigger than you, bigger than me, and bigger than Lakewood. It is Kingdom oriented. This calling is not for the faint of heart. It is for those who want to impact this world and their neighbors!

Will you rise to the vision and mission of Christ? What do you see keeping yourself and your congregation from fulfilling the great commission?


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