Questions For The Youth Deacon/Committee

I received an e-mail asking what a youth minister should ask the youth deacon and search committee in which the individual was going to interview at. I replied with 15 questions which I believe are crucial to seeking a ministry position (although not the ONLY questions one should ask).  I thought it might be helpful to post them on my blog as I have spoken with many people who have wondered what they should ask before a ministry interview.  I did not come up with these.  These are compiled from many of my mentors after speaking with them.  Yes, it is a lot of questions.  But remember, you are seeking a congregation that you can work well and effectively with.  These questions will help begin your journey in search of that congregation.  Enjoy!

Question:  How long have you been the youth deacon?

Question:  How long has the congregation been without a youth minister?

Question:  As the youth deacon, how do you see your role in the ministry, how do you perceive the role of the youth minister, and how do you perceive the relationship between the two?

Question:  What is the primary responsibilities of the youth deacon?

Question:  What do you see is the biggest need for the teens in your congregation?

Question:  What did the last youth minister do that worked well?  What didn’t work so well?

Question:  Does the youth minister attend elders meetings?  If so, how often do the elders meet?

Question:  What are some struggles the congregation has had in the past in relation to the youth ministry, it’s minister, or it’s past leadership?  How were these overcome?

Question:  Although ministry is not about the money, we must still be able to support our family.  What is the congregation offering salary and benefits wise for it’s selected youth minister?

Question:  Why did the last youth minister leave the position?

Question:  Tell me about a youth minister who did not make it at the congregation and why.

Question:  Do you know how raises are determined in the congregation (I realize this may be a question for the elders)?

Question:  What is the current youth ministry budget?  What is included in it?

Question:  Who will the youth minister report to, and how much time per week will he spend with that person/those people?

Question:  What is the process for determining and approving what the youth ministry does?

Many of you have experience in this field or other ministry fields.  What questions would you add to the list that are important to determining if a congregation is the right fit for you?


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