Mud and Miracles

God’s purposes for us often go much deeper than what we may see for the moment. Suffering can be used as a God-given opportunity to demonstrate the glory of God in our lives. In the case of the blind man, God’s purpose was for his work to be “displayed” in this man’s life (read John 9:1-7). In this story we notice four different reactions to Jesus.

1.     Surprise & Skepticism (vv.8-12)

2.     Disbelief (vv.13-17)

3.     Fear & Hidden Belief (vv.18-23)

4.     Increased Faith & Discipleship (vv.24-41)

Today, there are also a number of ways we can respond to the great deeds of Christ. How we respond impacts the state of our guilt. This week, examine your response to Christ and encourage those around you to do the same. Respond as the blind man did with a growing faith and desire to follow the great healer wherever he goes.