Learning From Legion

One of the most interesting stories in the gospel of Mark is that of the man with many deamons. In Mark 5:1-20, As Jesus gets out of the boat, he is met by a crazy, naked man who lives among the tombs and has incredible strength. The crazy man also cuts himself and cries out in a loud voice day and night. Needless to say, this man who is possessed by many demons would have been a startling sight for anyone who came into the region. This man, called Legion, would become a story that teaches us many things about Jesus. Of those, I want to share four lessons we can learn about Jesus’ desire.

1.    Jesus desires to offer healing (v. 1-18)

While we may not have literal demons, we often talk about our figurative ones. Jesus desires to heal these in us.

2.    Jesus desires us to share what Christ has done for us (v. 19a)

3.    Jesus desires us to share the mercy of Christ (v. 19b)

4.    Jesus desires our sharing to lead to amazement & curiosity (vv. 14, 20)

When faced with the amazing power and mercy of Christ, we have a choice to make concerning how we will react. As we see in the text, some reacted in fear and distanced themselves from Christ. Others, namely the demon-possessed man reacted in discipleship and the sharing of Christ’s power and mercy with others. Many walked away untouched by the great physician, one went away cleansed.

How will you respond to the power and mercy of Christ?