Wine: Is it sinful to drink it?

It’s an age old question…well actually its not so old.  The question is:  Is it sinful to drink wine or other alcoholic drinks if one does it occasionally and does not become a drunkard?  In other words:  Is it a sin to drink wine in moderation if one does not become drunk?

I will not give my opinion on this right off the bat.  Rather, I want to see what all of you think and why.  Below, I will place a few thoughts concerning wine but encourage you to share what you have discovered the Bible to say concerning its consumption.  We already know it is wrong to consume large amounts leading to drunkenness, this discussion is more concerned with an assumed responsible (or ideal [ie. 100% always responsible]) consumption of this beverage.  Please be kind to one another and focus on what the Bible has to say concerning this.  In other words, if you believe it is wrong give references and not just an opinion.  If you believe it is not condemned, give references and not just an opinion.  I enjoy conversations on these tough subjects and look forward to your thoughtful responses!

Some things to consider:

The Bible constantly condemns the over use of wine (or becoming drunk).  However, it encourages Timothy to take some wine for his stomach.  The Old Testament has a lot to say about wine and it’s usage but how is this relevant to us?  In other words, to what extent should we consider what the Old Testament has to say about this subject?  Is wine actually wine or referring to grape juice?  The Greek word “oinos” refers to fermented wine.  However, the Greek word trux refers to grape juice.  Is it a stylistic difference or is there another reason the actual word “trux” is never used in the New Testament?  How did you come to any conclusions you have written?


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