Wise Living: Come to the Feast

In the book of Proverbs, one passage that challenges me the most is found in 9:9-10. After eight chapters of repeated comparison between the way of wisdom and the way of foolishness, the author now shows Lady Wisdom preparing a feast for those who choose to join. The banquet is grand with the best of everything. This is not only a feast for the noble, this is a feast for everyone who desires to know Lady Wisdom. Those who are “simple” and “foolish” are encouraged to “come” and “leave the simple ways in order to find life” (9:4,6).  This feast is not forced upon anyone; rather, it is left up to the decision of each individual and they alone bear the consequences of the choice they make (9:12).

With this background the reader now finds himself in verses 9-10. Immediately before these verses we see that the foolish individual does not readily accept correction while the one who is wise is ready to accept needed correction. Similarly, the wise individual is one who is teachable and searching for education (9:9). As followers of God, we must be pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones in order to obtain more training from God and others. As we search out more learning, we must keep in mind that wisdom, according to the book of Proverbs, involves putting knowledge into practice. Wisdom is an action rather than a concept. The wise one who accepts correction and lessons will not only become wiser but will become more knowledgeable.  Verse 10 illustrates that at the base of all wisdom and knowledge is the fear (respect and adhering to) of the Lord and an intimate knowledge of Him.

Where are you on the scale of wise-foolish? Are you teachable, correctable, and a God follower? How do you react when God or another offers a word of correction that is needed? If you would like to know more of desire counseling, please contact us.


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