The Choice of Wisdom, Part 2

Wisdom for Living: Proverbs 1:24-31

Lady Wisdom pleads for all to listen to her and come to know her. While Proverbs chapter one begins with a positive focus, 1:24-31 illustrates the rejection of Lady Wisdom. In this section Wisdom begins by explaining the rejection of her reproof will have consequences. The section is filled with action of both Lady Wisdom and the fools. Proverbs 1:24 explains that Lady Wisdom has “called and reached out” to those who can benefit from her sound words. The author makes clear that those who could benefit also took action by “refusing to listen and not heeding.” In fact, it goes on to tell us that the fools did not only ignore her counsel, but would have nothing to do with it at any level. In the next section (Proverbs 1:32-33) we will see the fool’s hardship will be of their own making, but here we will see Wisdom’s rejection of the fools.

In an interesting turn of events, Lady Wisdom has ceased her pleading and begins to treat the fools as they have treated her. Lady Wisdom begins to laugh and mock the foolish in their hardship (1:26-27). There are times in which one can only stand aside and watch a fool sleep in the bed he made form himself. This is exactly what wisdom will do. Rather than reach out and help, Wisdom shuts the door for opportunity and allows the fool to suffer the consequences of their action. Lady Wisdom will no longer listen to the fools cries for help (1:28) and will allow him or her to bear the full consequences of their choice (1:29-31).

While God is loving and desires that non should go to hell (2 Peter 3:9), there is a point in which God will allow those who do not choose His wisdom and ways to perish in their own endeavors (Romans 1:24-28). Wisdom cries for a decision but will eventually close the opportunity. What is it Wisdom is calling you to today?


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