The Choice of Wisdom, Part 3

Wisdom for Living: Proverbs 1:32-33

An age-old temptation is that of blaming others for our mistakes. This is especially true when one chooses foolishness over wisdom. While those who do not choose the way of Wisdom will often point their finger at something or someone else, Lady Wisdom declares it to be their decision alone. Lady Wisdom explains that those who are simple have brought death to themselves and the foolish bring upon themselves destruction (v.32). Often the circumstances one is found in can be attributed to the neglect of godly wisdom. A child who is warned not to touch the stove because it is hot and will burn their hand has been given the wisdom of their mother. The child, however, has free will to choose what is done with that wisdom. If the child listens to Wisdom’s advice, he will not suffer the consequences of a burn, if the child does not listen, he will bring upon himself pain and tears from a nasty burn. It is the same with adults who do not follow Lady Wisdom’s advice. Those who are enticed by the wicked and foolish will find destruction, pain, sorrow, and death. The foolish will have only themselves to blame for not listening to the guidance of wisdom.

In contrast, Proverbs 1:33 describes those who choose to follow Lady Wisdom. Those who listen will be secure and have no need to fear. Parenting is a heavy responsibility. While most of us would rather be friends with our children, it is not our calling to be their pal. God calls us to train up our children and discipline them. This is, in part, done by the passing on of wisdom. Wisdom is passed on through boundaries and circumstantial lessons. While children often kick and scream about boundaries and following wise advice, those who do so often feel more secure and at peace. In the same way, God has provided us His teachings of wisdom and instruction. Those who follow these teachings and deepen a relationship with him will find security and peace in life (John 10:10), while those who turn a deaf ear will only bring destruction and death to themselves.

Proverbs chapter one calls each of us to make a decision by answering this question: “Who’s voice will you listen to—Lady Wisdom or the fool?” We must answer this question daily. One’s answer will have life altering consequences.


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