We Are Blessed

On December 22, 2009, a minimum wage was purposed of 8,500 lempiras per month for the workers of Honduras. For those of you not familiar with the exchange rate, this comes to $449.19 US a month. Most of us make more than this a week! It is amazing how those of us living in the […]

Honduras Day 4

Today was filled with a lot of work. We woke up and left at 7:30am for our worksite. Arriving at the site, we unloaded the truck and began leveling the foundation and preparing the walls to be built up. As you can see from the pictures, a lot of hard work was done today. We […]

Honduras Day 3

Today was another wonderful day filled with new sights and events. Today, Sunday, we were given the chance to go to Sosa [a nearby village] for worship services. I helped in building parts of this church building and have become friends with the minister who preaches there. After church we ate and then went on […]

Day 2 In The Magical World Of Honduras

Thank you for your continued prayers. Day 2 went off mostly smoothly with few complications. As previously posted, we were able to put on a large youth rally for teens here in the Catacamas area. God also blessed us with the opportunity to feed six families (about 43 people found in the six families) a […]

Safe Arrival In Honduras!

As you probably know, three of us from the church I preach at have traveled to Honduras today for a stay of around 10 days. I wanted to share the news of our safe arrival to Journey Mission Camp in Honduras. Thursday evening we flew from Syracuse to Houston and stayed over night. Waking up […]


As you read this, I am currently in Dallas, Texas waiting to board a flight back to the great, white north! I was given the privilege to attend and participate in my best friend’s wedding this weekend. It was truly a wonderful experience and comforting to know that God has plans for Greg and his […]