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What Characterizes The Wise?

Wisdom For Living: Proverbs 1:1-7 Wisdom has been a pursuit of humanity throughout all the generations. Wisdom is much more than knowledge; it is what one does with the knowledge. Every culture has its own sayings of wisdom called proverbs. In the Old Testament, King Solomon had the wisdom to collect these sayings from his […]

Interpretation: Is It A Sin?

I have often heard it said that the act of interpretation by man is sinful. Often those who make this proclamation use 2 Peter 1:20-21 as the foundation for the belief. However, this is not only a false statement, but more importantly it is misuse of God’s Word. Too often, people want to take verses […]


Philippians 4:8 “…whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.” (ESV) Today, many people have a pessimistic outlook on life. They walk around wallowing in self-pity and proclaiming their […]

Christmas: Is it sinful?

Many of us may recall a person in our life who does not celebrate Christmas.  This is fine; in fact, it’s perfectly okay for an individual or family to not celebrate the holiday.  What concerns me, however, is when some of those individuals pronounce judgment upon those of us who do celebrate Christmas holidays.  Many […]


I wanted to share this good post from the blog of John Maxwell. Some people believe that great leaders have all the answers. Not true. Successful leaders don’t know everything. But they know people who do. If you ask me a question related to one of my organizations and I don’t know the answer, I […]

Young Adults and the Church

From my experience with working with young adults (and being one myself), this article rings true in many ways.  For years, the church seems to have adopted this “dumb it down” approach to bible discussion and application. Today we tell our young adults to challenge themselves by going to tough universities and striving to learn […]

Questions For The Youth Deacon/Committee

I received an e-mail asking what a youth minister should ask the youth deacon and search committee in which the individual was going to interview at. I replied with 15 questions which I believe are crucial to seeking a ministry position (although not the ONLY questions one should ask).  I thought it might be helpful […]

Tackling Obstacles

As they neared the sea, the Israelites knew that there was no way out of it. They looked behind them and saw the Egyptians gaining on them and became afraid. As they cried out, they told Moses it was better to be slaves then in the situation they were now in! My favorite part of […]

Parable of the Pencil

This was sent to my by my friend, Lonnie Davis. I wanted to share it with all of you! PARABLE OF THE PENCIL  (Author Unknown) The Pencil Maker took the pencil aside, just before putting him into the box. There are 5 things you need to know, he told the pencil, before I send you out […]

My Generation

[youtube=] We were called liberals, inclusiveness, post-modernists, and sometimes poly-theists. We were once looked upon as offering nothing to this world and likely leaving no trace of our existence. We’ve been called selfish, misguided, lost, and sinful. Growing up my generation heard many comments about our lack of commitment and conviction. It sounds like to […]