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Suicide is not something to play around with. Ministers, Counselors, and many others would benefit from having a “No Harm” contract that is easily accessable for when an individual is suicidal. Below is a great example of one that I found and use with clients. NO-HARM CONTRACT I,                                                                      , agree to not harm myself […]

Tips For Better Disagreements

Often, couples who find themselves in severe disagreement lack good, healthy skills to hash out the issue. Rather than completely listening to each other, they begin to defend themselves and often spiral into a destructive pattern of communication. Here are five brief tips to help break that pattern. Pay attention to tone and posture. Often, […]

Dealing With Pornography

Pornography is a growing problem for both men and women. I deal with a lot of sexual addiction and have found this resource helpful which was compiled from various resources. It is free for your use. DEALING WITH PORNOGROPHY Bible Verse Helps: 1 Corinthians 6:9-20 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8 James 1:12-15 Matthew 5:27-30 Matthew 5:8 1 […]


I had this cute encounter with my daughter today while watching football. Daughter: Daddy, what is this? Me: Celery Daughter: Can I have it? Me: Absolutely princess [Daughter takes a few bites and begins making a strange face] Daughter: Daddy, [holds up celery stick] this makes me very sad Me: Well you don’t have to […]

Praying For My Wife

While wives need to spend time in prayer for their husbands, husbands should reciprocate the favor. As husbands, we often find ourselves so busy we neglect the important task of praying for and over our wives, asking God to bless them for the day. This habit will often lead to a little more satisfaction in […]

Concluding Proverbs

As we conclude our study of the book of Proverbs today, it is a bitter/sweet moment. The book is an encouraging message about following Wisdom and discerning when to apply situational proverbs. Ecclesiastes 12:9-14 seems fitting as a concluding thought to our study. The wise teacher analyzes his entire life and all the wisdom given […]

Praying For Your Husband

Throughout Scripture, we find there are a variety of things we must pray for. We must pray for God’s Will to be done, that God will provide for us our needs, and for those who are sick and lost. I often notice when a couple comes to see me there is little prayer involved in […]

Wise Living: Come to the Feast

In the book of Proverbs, one passage that challenges me the most is found in 9:9-10. After eight chapters of repeated comparison between the way of wisdom and the way of foolishness, the author now shows Lady Wisdom preparing a feast for those who choose to join. The banquet is grand with the best of […]

The Choice of Wisdom, Part 3

Wisdom for Living: Proverbs 1:32-33 An age-old temptation is that of blaming others for our mistakes. This is especially true when one chooses foolishness over wisdom. While those who do not choose the way of Wisdom will often point their finger at something or someone else, Lady Wisdom declares it to be their decision alone. Lady […]

The How of Unity by David Smith

We know that in a world gone mad, God’s people are the ones who, rather than tearing each other apart, are to come together and forge the shape of oneness. And yet, we Christians must confess that we often make it harder than it has to be. As in way harder! And so, commissioned with preaching on how God’s […]